Vendors / Acquisition

Vendors / Acquisition Overview

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Today’s product manufacture and supply chain is driven by world economies, markets, prices, demands, and competition.  Mom-and-pop businesses have been engulfed by multi-national conglomerates bent on controlling market share worldwide.  Everywhere…local consumers buy foreign product with local dollars from big box stores who send profits to corporate offices little interested in the community who bought their wares.  Meanwhile, multi-generational families feel the economic sting in homegrown industry, housing, and costs of living.

Who Is A Vendor?

Vendors are those companies or firms poised somewhere between manufacture and supply.  They represent those who either produce, market, broker, or retail products of all types all over the world to all demographics at varied price levels.  Traditionally…large vendors distribute through dealer networks.  Small vendors distribute what they secure  from purchasing groups.  Over the past few years, global vendors are by-passing their own established distribution structures to sell large-volume consumers…direct.  Either way, vendors are a essential to the supply and demand equation.

Business Trends

As product manufacturers further dominate supply line flow, customer size and demand keeps pace.  Every day…large actively-growing well-capitalized companies probe for direct purchase arrangements with world class vendors in their quest to cut costs.  As large companies and vendors connect…local business decline and close due to lost sales.  Personal service, seasoned experience, and in-house inventory are replaced by overnight air as smaller dealers disappear forcing all to buy from long-distant warehouses lacking local representation or product support.


Please read on to discover all VisionLogic has to offer in vendor acquisition and factory-direct purchasing.  You will be glad you did!


Perspective – Negotiator

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Not so many years ago, a man’s handshake was as good as gold and his word was his bond.  But today, dealing with domestic or international large-scale multi-tiered manufacturers reminds me more of a bunch of kids haggling over bags filled with their favorite marbles.  With great anticipation…they come to the table, pour out their marbles, and try to snitch the other guy’s best without giving up one.   At least that’s how many negotiators see it these days...

Common sense however says, that “gaining something requires giving something in return.”  Everyone wants consideration and benefit.  One simply cannot expect to waltz into the lobby of a corporate producer, demand to see its president, and leave victorious five minutes later without giving a thing.  Not only is it unrealistic…it is arrogant and wrong!


Product Location & Acquisition

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  • Are you looking for something you cannot find?
  • Are you stumped with no idea where to begin looking?
  • Are you over budget, short of time, and buried in backorders?

VisionLogic Can Find Anything!

For more than 35 years, VisionLogic’s owner has been able to locate, negotiate, and deliver items others could not find.

No matter what you need or when you need it…VisionLogic can find anything on earth…honest!

If you are against the wall, out of options, or at a loss on where to start…contact VisionLogic for all you product location and sourcing needs…today!


Factory Direct Purchasing

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VisionLogic offers comprehensive factory-direct purchasing services including…

  • product location
  • vendor acquisition
  • product specification
  • technical support
  • purchase negotiations
  • quality control
  • production scheduling
  • transportation
  • warranty terms

VisionLogic is capable and qualified to meet your volume-purchasing negotiation needs anytime, anywhere for anything…contact VisionLogic now and save!


Vendor Relations / Ethics

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Vendor Relations / Ethics

  • Doing ethical business requires ethical people.
  • Ethical people do not exploit others for personal gain.
  • Ethical people are willing to give what they ask from others.
  • Ethical people do not extract information from others without giving.

Code Of Conduct

  • VisionLogic is prepared, willing, and qualified to build your vendor relationships.
  • VisionLogic protects the interests of both client and vendor to avoid exploitation.
  • VisionLogic offers client access to a global vendors, suppliers, and products.
  • VisionLogic will not solicit in-depth vendor involvement without client assurance vendor will have opportunity to recover custom engineering, design, sample, travel and other costs incurred on client behalf.

If you still want help…contact VisionLogic today!


Contract Negotiations

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VisionLogic offers a complete line of contract negotiation services to serious clients anywhere on earth.  Conducting such work requires a large investment of time, intellectual property, manpower, and resource from those involved.

If you…

  • have identified your goals, commitments, and resources
  • are in need of professional, technical, or analytical services
  • have made a decision to start, build, and complete your project
  • or, are simply to busy to identify, negotiate, and manage vendor base

Contact VisionLogic today!

Please Understand
VisionLogic allocates and invests time as marketable service to meet client needs and generate revenue.  Your help maximizing our effective use of time is appreciated!


Supply Distribution

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Once products have been located, vendors acquired, contracts negotiated, and production completed…supply transportation and delivery remain.

All Points On Earth!

VisionLogic can get any product shipped from any origin to any destination worldwide. If you need help getting your supplies on-site cost-effectively on time…contact VisionLogic today!


Agricultural Equipment

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Specialized agricultural equipment is built and sold all over the world.  Saving money on equipment purchases requires buying from the right sources without missing important details.

If you…

  • have a specialty application
  • do not know where to look
  • need a custom-built design
  • or, are simply short of time…

VisionLogic can help you secure domestic and imported…

  • tractors
  • sprayers
  • implements
  • automobiles
  • trucks

Import / Export

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VisionLogic works with different vendors, manufacturers, importers, and exporters to supply…

  • farm equipment
  • rolling stock
  • plant material
  • packing equipment
  • orchard supplies
  • nursery supplies
  • bamboo
  • and other items

If you have a product you need, contact VisionLogic for product information and availability…today!



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