Tree Configuration


Custom tree configuration is one of TreeLogic’s specialties.  Keeping pace with increased development costs, high density planting systems, and market demands require trees that maximize early production and return on investment.  Therefore, TreeLogic gives great attention to root formation, tree size, branch development, and overall structure quality.

Root Formation

TreeLogic employs advanced soil nutrition, planting technique, automated irrigation, and other key production practices to stimulate the formation of fibrous well-branched root systems on all dwarf, semi-dwarf, and full-sized rootstock/variety combinations.

Tree Size

TreeLogic feeds and farms your trees for maximum caliper size and uniformity.

Branch Development

Branches equal early return on investment.  TreeLogic uses the latest tree manipulation and custom production techniques to initiate and develop quality feather-type branches at the height you specify.

Overall Structure Quality

TreeLogic invests the best soil, nutrition, irrigation, and cultural practice possible to produce strong, healthy, and resilient trees for your project.

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