Soil Nutrition & Preparation

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Soil Preparation

Soil preparation is to future orchard success…what auto body work is to a glossy paint job.  It is almost impossible to achieve future production efficiency…or, that elusive paint job shine…if, foundational preparations are compromised.  Proper pre-plant soil renovation starts with…

  • late summer soil samples the season prior to planting
  • on-target custom nutrient blends
  • fall soil tillage and nutrient application
  • fall fumigation (if needed) before soil temperatures drop (see “fumigation” below)
  • secondary spring nutrient and soil amenity application
  • spring tillage, aeration, and deep plowing for proper soil-nutrient mixing
  • and bringing your soil profile to final seed bed quality preparation

What Happened?

Most new orchard performance issues trace back to poor soil preparation.  Many other “culprit causes” are sited wrongly, when soil was expected to produce what it was not fortified to grow.  Today’s array of modern technology, chemicals, equipment, and scientific jargon lead many unsuspecting growers down a primrose path promising an “easier way.”  Yet, there are no technological substitutes for wise planning, right timing, proper nutrition, and lots of hard work preparing one’s soil before planting.

VisionLogic Can Help!

Soil and plant nutrition remain one of VisionLogic’s greatest success stories.  Contact VisionLogic for targeted on-site input on your project’s nutritional needs…today!


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