Relief / Danger - War Zones

Relief - Agricultural Sector Overview

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What Is Relief?

Relief work reaches to those in extreme need.  It delivers supplies, technologies, and human resources to those who cannot help themselves.  It lifts impossible burdens off the shoulders of those unable to carry them.  Relief work requires vision, flexibility, and commitment.

What Does It Look Like?

Relief work has many faces like…

  • helping people grow food
  • developing water sources
  • irrigation projects
  • planting conservation groves
  • overcoming technical problems
  • restoring downed power

Perspective / International Consultant

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People living in unfortunate out-of-the-way places under extraordinary circumstances need help…and, someone must go to be…the helper!  Meanwhile, we know that human nature loves being paid handsomely (by world standards) for working an eight-to-five job just a few minutes from home.  Sadly, when given opportunity to help those in third world, disaster, war-torn, or dangerous regions…most potential “helpers” scatter with only the rare saying, “send me!”   Have you ever wondered why we are so willing to let someone help us…but, refuse to help others?   Puzzling…

Growing up on the farm in rural America taught me how to be part of community, to lend freely, to help those in need, to pull as a team, and to give because it is right…not because it is easy or convenient.  I also learned how to offer “all” in my power to give resting on faith someone would help me when I could not help myself.  Yet, many today withdraw from those around them as they care for themselves first by turning a deaf ear to those stranded in life with nowhere to turn.  Tragic…  I will never understand how one can expect help they remain unwilling to give.  Does giving assure one of receiving?  No.  Either way… contributing to the welfare of others is still the right thing to do.


Who Is The Agricultural Sector

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The agricultural relief sector includes those who…

  • need help growing food
  • establishing plantings
  • growing plant material
  • controlling crop disease
  • processing produce
  • training their labor force
  • mechanizing hand labor
  • operating irrigation

Who Is The Danger – War Sector

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Any area on earth deeply impacted by poverty, hunger, disease, disaster, oppression, invasion, conflict, war, or political instability.

VisionLogic Will Go!

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Things To Consider (Owner’s Comments )

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All over the world…everyday people live without necessary food, shelter, medicine, and other basic essentials due to a lack of economic resource or opportunity.  Many times, their lack of life-giving resource flows from poor education, depressed economy, disease epidemics, natural disasters, crop failures, war, or the oppressed state of their impoverished nation.  Where do they look for hope?  Answer:  to those of us who enjoy the abundance afforded us as citizens of developed nations able to supply human, technological, and monetary resources able to stem the tide of their suffering.

Though other less fortunate nations and their people need what we in strong societies possess…truly liberating others from poverty, starvation, and unlivable conditions requires mutual effort from both sides of the equation.  For those of us blessed with freedom, food, jobs, cars, health, medicine, skills, character, and vision…it is our basic human responsibility to share what we have responsibly.  Just as oppression cannot keep a victor down…one cannot feed and satisfy one without hunger to overcome….and ever succeed.  Both sides must do their part to win!



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