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Establishing a successful new orchard is hard work!  Cutting corners, pinching pennies, buying seconds, and flopping plants in the ground expecting them to do the impossible…does not work.

No Accidents

Plan ahead!  Consider carefully!  And, make quality decisions based on good input!  Then, and only then…proceed with strong commitment to doing it right.  It’s better to walk away up front, than it is to do a half-way job and expect viable future returns.  Though many new mechanical and technologically-advanced planting methods exist today…those techniques that consider the soil and plant’s best interest remain superior.  What good is planting 50,000 trees a day for a dime using a modern marvel if they die…when, you could have planted fewer with a shovel for a quarter and had them grow explosively?   Both mechanical and manual planting methods have there place and are capable of producing great results “when” rightly applied.

In a nutshell, putting plants in the ground successfully requires a thorough assessment of your crop, site, soil, water, nutrition, labor, goals and other related issues.  Every project has variables unique to its goal and…will never reach its full potential if merely patterned after something someone else did simply because you like how it looks.

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