Nursery Production Information

Site Preparation

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Growing quality trees and plants requires spectacular dirt!  Premium dirt consists of soil composition, skilled analysis, targeted nutrient inputs, deep cultivation, and precise pre-plant preparation.  One simply cannot grow the best without “growing it in the best.”

Soils composition is of great import to the soil preparation process.  A skilled nurseryman looks for well-drained, medium textured, disease free soil rich in organic matter with a near neutral PH.  Once this base soil type is found, soil testing and analysis or next in line.

Proper soil testing measures nutrient type and quantity, salinity, and PH giving focused attention to the potential presence of plant-destructive pathogens and disease.  Based on test results and seasoned experience…soil nutrient and chemical amenities are blended through deep fall and spring cultivation to restore soil to its most safe and productive state.

Finally, this re-conditioned soil profile is plowed down, disked, rotovated, and leveled one last time prior to planting.  Growing the best always requires “growing in the best!”

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Soil & Plant Nutrition

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Nursery-specific soil & plant nutrition play a key role in the production of healthy disease-free trees and plant material you need to succeed.  Balance in application type and nutrient form is key to any effective nutrition program!

While many nurseries rely heavily on nitrogen-based nutrient product inputs devoid of more costly and critically important main and micro elements…TreeLogic takes a more specialized path focused on the targeted application of balanced elemental nutrition to both soil and the plant’s leaf surface.  Balanced nutritional inputs provide a tighter, stronger, more resilient plant cell structure capable of warding off disease and surviving unexpected environmental extremes.

TreeLogic builds its plant production foundation upon the best soil, nutrition, technique, and commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction…in the industry.

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Automated Irrigation

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Water purity and application methods greatly impact final tree and plant quality!  The soil- moisture relationship plays a key role in defining a plant’s overall growing environment and performance.  Irrigation application methods govern soil moisture, oxygen, temperature, and micro-life activity levels within the profile.

Soils irrigated with above-ground impact sprinklers on a typical 7 day cycle experience greater environmental extremes within the soil environment, than those irrigated with automated drip systems.

Trees and plants grown with automated drip irrigation typically have a more fibrous root system, larger size, and better structure formation necessary to feathered trees.

Automated drip irrigation is a valuable tool for injecting plant nutrients and other chemical control necessary to healthy plant production.

TreeLogic employs long-term knowledge, experience, and the latest irrigation technologies in growing your trees and plants.

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Disease Prevention

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TreeLogic uses state-of-the-art disease prevention techniques.  All planting sites, water sources, foundation plants, and propagation materials are tested, monitored, and treated for plant disease prevention.

TreeLogic remains committed to the production of healthy trees and plants.

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Rootstock Selection

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Choosing the right rootstock is both an emerging and exacting science affecting size, productivity, disease resistance, and hardiness.  What works in one set of circumstances does not work in another.  So, gaining a working practical knowledge of various rootstock selections will help you better meet your desired outcome.

TreeLogic uses only the best rootstock from leading suppliers to grow premium trees.

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Variety Selection

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Fruit variety selection is up to the individual based on their own market, geography, and growing conditions.  Traditional nurseries own and propagate in-house varieties for commercial sale.

TreeLogic is a contract technical grower of custom trees and plants who grows customer-specified varieties under specific terms, conditions, and propagation agreements.

If you are preparing to develop more orchard acreage and are in need of mainstream fruiting varieties…TreeLogic will work with you to secure licensed propagation rights for patented varieties.  Or, TreeLogic can custom propagate a non-patented strain of your own selection.

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