Logistics / Research

Logistics / Research Overview

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The field of logistics and research encompass a broad selection of subjects.


An aspect of management concerning the defined, structured, coordinated, progressive, measurable, and efficient planning, implementation, administration, inspection, and completion of procedural, physical, cultural, technical, mechanical, and educational processes.


To consider, test, manipulate, observe, quantify, analyze, diagnose, and record  characteristics, configurations, behaviors, variations, limitations, susceptibilities, immunities, probabilities, and other relevant factors for the purpose of learning, understanding, and educating.

VisionLogic offers seasoned knowledge, hands-on experience, technical skill, expert collaboration, product-testing, and on-site troubleshooting to…

  • growers
  • producers
  • nurseries
  • fabricators
  • formulators
  • packers
  • processors
  • contractors
  • laboratories
  • research groups
  • irrigation districts
  • government
  • agencies
  • organizations
  • and more

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Perspective – Problem Solver

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Many times…trying to solve other people’s problems seems like a real…problem!  On a given day…success seems about as probable as walking on water…falling up…or being awarded a patent for inventing the wheel.   Barriers to solution come in all shapes and sizes with some being technical, others practical, and still others…intellectual.  Yet, solution is simply waiting around the corner for those who believe!

In my lifetime; I have learned there are four basic categories of people:  (1) explorers who discover what no one has ever seen, (2) pioneers who improve what others discovered, (3) settlers who expand its potential for other’s benefit, (4) and scoundrels who exploit the work of everyone else for personal gain.


Fact Gathering / Recommendations

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VisionLogic offers a full spectrum of information gathering, analytical, and recommendation services to all phases of agriculture, horticulture, industry, research, organizations, agencies, attorneys, governments, and more.

If you need assessing any technical situation…contact VisionLogic today!


Scientific Research / Networking

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VisionLogic offers on-site research services to…

  • orchardists
  • vineyards
  • nurseries
  • irrigation companies
  • irrigation districts
  • education
  • extension services

Project Evaluation

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All projects need evaluation at some time in their existence.  Project scope and feasibility evaluations typically precede implementation.  Efficiency and profitability evaluations usually assess the current operational output of a working project.  And, evaluation for potential project renovation or termination are conducted on outdated designs to determine future viability.

Project evaluation requires in-depth knowledge and experience from which the evaluator draws to observe, analyze, and formulate recommendation with regard to a project outcome.  Accurate, practical, and comprehensive evaluations are critical to maximum project potential and efficiency.


Project Costs & Efficiencies

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Project design, real estate, construction, supply, operation, and maintenance costs have skyrocketed worldwide!  Making profitable decisions begins before commitments are made, ground is broken, and premature failure knocks at your door.

Project complexity continues to increase through application of advanced technologies.  Design specialization multiplies costs necessary to source, secure, and integrate cutting-edge components into the overall project equation.  Getting the job done right, requires the on-site involvement of qualified professionals able to streamline production costs on the move.


Market Research

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VisionLogic’s Greg Benner has been actively involved in market development and territory expansion for over 30 years.   No matter what your product…VisionLogic can help you target key players in your overall marketing plan.

If you are launching a new product or re-introducing a “new and improved version”…contact VisionLogic today!


Product Research & Testing

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VisionLogic offers on-site technical application and assessment services aimed at new agricultural, industrial, chemical, and mechanical products for…

  • design firms
  • chemical companies
  • equipment manufacturers
  • competitive analysis
  • scientific research
  • organizations
  • agencies
  • and other entities

What Are You Making?
If you have a product that needs testing in “real life” application…contact VisionLogic today!


Technology Analysis

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The world is a-buzz with new ideas, methods, designs, and knock-offs promising premiere functionality at reduced costs.  Some are good deals…others are nightmares in disguise!

Questions like…

  • Will it work?
  • Will labor understand?
  • What life can be expected?
  • Who stands behind it?
  • What are the risks?

pass through our minds every time we consider applying a new idea we have never used.

If you face challenges, need to mechanize, lack technical knowledge, or need a helping hand…contact VisionLogic for prompt professional service…today!



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