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VisionLogic's Greg Benner travels to all accessible areas of the world on project assignments.  Whether it be wealthy, third world, or war torn...Greg finds unique challenge and personal satisfaction in helping clients achieve their goals wherever the project leads.  To assure his assignment completion, highest professional performance, cost effectiveness, and physical welfare...Greg has established essential terms and conditions that must be met by potential clients prior to his acceptance of any project or contract.  These requirements are:

Client Verification

All clients interested in securing Greg's professional services must be willing and able to provide the following documentation upon request:
  • personal and business identity
  • contact information
  • state and federal identification numbers
  • address of business operation
  • banking references
  • insurance certificates
  • employee or contractor protection
  • time in business
  • and, legal authority to operate within their proposed project scope and location

Third World / Disaster Relief / International War Zones

Medical/Hazard Protection

Each client securing Greg's professional services for a given task are required to provide medical, hazard, and life protection during specific projects taking him into dangerous or unstable working, geo-political, or war type conditions.  Required protections may include:  out-of-country medical health coverage, medical evacuation, travel insurance, automobile insurance, 24/7 security, armed escorts, secure living quarters, secure transportation, and access to adequate food and personal supplies.


International clients are responsible for Greg's safe, secure, and dependable transportation from all points of origin to all destinations while he is in their service.  Such clients shall pay for all transportation fares, fees, taxes, changes, and expenses associated with Greg's travel to perform contractual tasks on that client's behalf.  All transportation provided by client for Greg's travel to, through, and from geographically, politically, and climactically unstable regions shall be screened for security, terrorist threats, and operational authority in that specific region. 

Security Escorts

Each client contracting Greg's professional services shall provide security escorts to accompany him at all times through dangerous, unstable, or war-like regions to include residential location, daily activities, international boundary crossing, and/or leisure time.  Client shall secure such escorts from approved sources subject to Greg's final approval.


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