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Industrial / Mechanical Overview

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VisionLogic offers seasoned, technical inputs to varied areas of industry based on long-term knowledge, hands-on experience, and a global network of technical experts.


  • searching for a product source
  • troubleshooting disabled equipment
  • negotiating deliveries to the middle east
  • designing an explosive shot for a quarry blast
  • or boosting production output on an outdated line…

VisionLogic will deliver a solution that lasts in...

  • Nursery Stock Production (1972 – Present)
  • Commercial Fruit Production (Fourth Generation) (1970 – Present)
  • Plant Physiology / Nutrition (1975 – Present)
  • Soil Nutrition / Renovation (1974 – Present)
  • Fertilizer / Chemical Formulation (1974 – Present)
  • HAZMAT (Pesticides, Caustics, Acids, Oxidizers, Explosives 1972-Present)
  • Automated Micro/Drip Irrigation (1978 – Present)
  • Packaging Equipment Design and Fabrication (1974 – 1995)
  • Processing Plants / Main Plants or Remote (1975 – 1994)
  • Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Storage / Construction / Operation (1975 – 1992)
  • Industrial Refrigeration Design / Installation (1975 – 1994)
  • Commercial Electrical Installation / Maintenance (1972 – Present)
  • Specialized Consulting / Commercial Producers / Industry (1977 – Present)
  • Research / Global Networking (1981 – Present)
  • Technical Troubleshooting (1977 – Present)
  • Financing / Negotiations (1980 – Present)
  • Territory / Market Development (1974 – Present)
  • Regional, National, and International Sales (1972 – Present)
  • Project Assessment, Logistical Planning, and Management (1976 – Present)
  • Direct Vendor / Product Location, Acquisition, and Negotiations (1979 – Present)
  • Public Relations / Conflict Resolution
  • Equipment Operation (Truck, Forklift, Dozer, Crane, Agriculture / 1968 - Present)
  • Heavy Equipment Repair (1977 – 1992)
  • Welding, Fabrication, and Design (1970 – Present)
  • Prototype Design / Construction
  • Construction (Homes, Cold Storage, Commercial)
  • Controlled Explosives Design / Implementation (1977 – 1991)
  • Advertising, Layout, Design, and marketing
  • and, much more

VisionLogic Can Help!

From specific project components to overall project management…VisionLogic will deliver!  Contact VisionLogic today!

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Perspecitve – Technician/Designer

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Technical design is another term for making one’s dreams….reality.  Some can see what others might build, some may build what others might see…but, few can see the vision, build the machine, and excel at changing the world around them.

When I was a kid…I took everything apart and learned to put it back together…most of the time.  Every time my grandmother played bridge with her lady friends, I got another box of disabled clocks to fix.  The ole’ girls giggled and thought it cute as I tore the apart.  Yet, my mom was less enthused stepping on clock gears in her bare feet during the middle of the night on her way to the bathroom.


Equipment Repair

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VisionLogic brings experienced technical input and skilled troubleshooting to the mechanical repair process on agricultural, industrial, and specialized equipment including…

  • tractors
  • planters
  • cultivation
  • applicators
  • automobiles
  • trucks
  • all-terrain
  • forklifts
  • excavators

Design & Fabrication

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VisionLogic offers specialized mechanical design and custom fabrication management services based on more than 35 years in the field.  If it is mechanical or technical…VisionLogic can deliver both effective design and quality end-product on time.

Contact VisionLogic Today!


Processing Plants

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VisionLogic can help you design, build, install, customize, troubleshoot, purchase, or sell any or all equipment related to fruit packing plants, processing plants, bottling plants, concentrators, liquid fertilizer blenders, or industrial applications.

Contact VisionLogic Today!


Refrigeration & Storage

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VisionLogic has long-term experience with industrial refrigeration, commercial cold storage, controlled atmosphere storage, and associated construction including…

  • rotary compressors
  • traditional piston compressors
  • condensers
  • cooling coils
  • polyurethane insulation
  • impermeable membranes
  • control systems
  • installation
  • concrete tilt-up construction
  • commercial electrical


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VisionLogic offers technical input on single-phase, three-phase, open-delta and other electrical application issues like…

  • entrance location
  • control room layout
  • components
  • electric motors
  • control systems
  • material quality
  • material source
  • volume purchasing

For planning, design, technical, troubleshooting, or purchasing input on either residential or commercial electrical applications…contact VisionLogic today!


Prototype Production

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Do you have an idea no one builds, but capable of streamlining your industrial process?

Do you lack the technical vision and skill necessary to get it designed or made?

Does it have profit potential if patented and released for commercial production?

VisionLogic Can Get It Done

VisionLogic brings more than 35 years of technical innovation, custom-design, and experience to your prototype process.  Contact VisionLogic today!


General Construction

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During the past 35 years or more, VisionLogic’s Greg Benner has participated in the hands-on construction of homes, shops, commercial storages, churches, and other structures.  He brings foresight, functionality, and efficiency to design, construction, and use as his life experience and observation gathers the best features from all worlds.

VisionLogic Improves End Result!

If you are ready to build a new facility and need help with excavators, concrete specialists, contractors, vendors, purchasing, quality control, and project management…contact VisionLogic today!


Controlled Explosives

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For fourteen years…VisionLogic’s Greg Benner engaged in the technical design and application of controlled explosive for excavation, construction, road-building, and aggregate production.

Applications included…

  • basements
  • sewer systems
  • swimming pools
  • trench line
  • settling ponds
  • gravel pits
  • rip rap production
  • pier building
  • construction sites
  • quarry blasts
  • pre-splitting
  • and, other shots demanding extreme back-break, fly rock, sound, and seismic control.

Heavy Equipment

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VisionLogic specializes in specifying, locating, assessing, negotiating, and purchasing heavy equipment necessary to achieve most industrial tasks.

If You Are Looking

VisionLogic can help you find a great deal on the right piece of equipment to meet your industrial needs.  Contact VisionLogic Today!



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