Fumigation / Pros & Cons

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Fumigation Pros – vs – Cons

Soil fumigation is an amazing tool, but often wrongly applied.  If one’s soil truly contains destructive organisms, pathogens, or other biological problems…fumigation is a weapon of choice.  However, if your soil is merely tired, depleted of base elements, stratified from lack of tillage, and in need of specific nutritional restoration…fumigation can actually be both expensive and wrong for your situation.

Killing The Good Guys

One must keep in mind that fumigation chemicals are non-selective in what they kill in your soil.  While possibly ridding your soil of negative invaders, fumigation also destroys natural soil predatory entities that normally keep other unwanted soil-borne pest in check.  Basically, soil fumigation kills all biological activity in your soil relative to the level of application saturation applied.  Fertilizer (nutrients) requires biological interaction with soil micro life to decompose and become available to your plants.

Following fumigation, it is possible for quality nursery plants to struggle and fail in what appears to be the ideal soil fumigation and preparation environment.  Lacking microbiological activity due to your soil’s “good guys” being killed by fumigation…is many times responsible for your subsequent and misunderstood plant performance woes.

Choose Wisely / Re-inoculation

If you choose to fumigate…it is critically important that you re-inoculate your soil with a fresh supply of “micro helpers” necessary to the release nutrients for plant performance.  If you would not send your children into adverse conditions without clothing, nutrition, and resource or expect them not to whine if you did…why are you surprised if your soil revolts when you ask it to produce what it has no basis to grow?

Dig Deeper With VisionLogic

If you are caught between fumigating your soil or not… contact VisionLogic to discuss fumigation’s pros and cons further…today!


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