Fee structure

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Greg's fee schedule and contract terms are calculated on a case-by-case job description, duration, destination, and danger basis.


All consulting fee rates will be calculated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis once all proposed project factors are considered.  Please call Greg to discuss your specific needs and his fees for involvement in your project.

Retainer Fee

A retainer fee will be collected from all clients to initiate a project.  The retainer fee shall be calculated on a case-by-case basis after all client and project details have been considered.


In addition to Greg's consulting service fee rates...client shall pay all daily and related travel, communication, insurance, office, shipping, and other expenses in full.


Client shall pay all related ground, air, and ocean-going transportation fares, fees, taxes, changes, and expenses associated with Greg's travel from all points of origin to all destinations while in client's service.  Client shall provide Greg with safe, secure, and dependable transportation for client-based activity at client expense.  Armed escorts and secure vehicles may be required based upon your project location, scope, and danger levels associated with international danger, war, disaster, and/or third world nation zones.


All new, international, governmental, non-governmental, and other qualifying client organizations shall pay for and provide Greg with all applicable travel, medical, hazard , and liability insurances as he performs his professional services on client's behalf.  This includes all deposits, premiums, fees, taxes, cancellations, and memberships associated with such insurance.  Client shall provide all associated insurance certificates upon request.

Final Payment

Client shall pay all consulting fees, transportation costs, applicable taxes, cancellation fees, or other associated project-related expenses in full within 7 days of contract completion unless otherwise agreed.  All payments shall be in US funds.

Other Terms

When it is determined that you or your firm intends to secure Greg's professional services, he will forward VisionLogic's consulting contract that contains all remaining specific terms and conditions necessary for his job acceptance.  Final fee rates and term negotiations will only occur as this phase of engagement is reached.  Thanks for your help and understanding!


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