Danger/War Zones

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Life experience has well-equipped me to offer my diverse technical skills and services to those in need.  Many contacting me for help often reside within what I term domestic (USA) or international "danger / war zones."  These zones may include...but, are not limited too...areas impacted by natural disasters, disease outbreaks, martial law, geo-political instability, war activates, and/or other demanding third world conditions potentially harmful to my personal and professional welfare.

I have a passion to help others succeed and find great joy in watching those I help become self-sustaining once again.  In my effort to remain in a position to offer my ongoing help to others...my fee, transportation, travel, security, and other terms may change or increase relative to your project's location, logistical demands, geo-political stability, and threat to my personal or professional welfare.  I look forward to working with you!


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