Contract Tree Production

Technical Tree Production

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TreeLogic is a contract technical grower of custom trees and plants.  Please review the following subjects for a better understanding of what TreeLogic does to produce top quality trees and plants.  If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact TreeLogic today.  Thanks for your time and consideration!

Kind Regards,
Greg Benner – Owner


Tree Configuration

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Custom tree configuration is one of TreeLogic’s specialties.  Keeping pace with increased development costs, high density planting systems, and market demands require trees that maximize early production and return on investment.  Therefore, TreeLogic gives great attention to root formation, tree size, branch development, and overall structure quality.

Root Formation

TreeLogic employs advanced soil nutrition, planting technique, automated irrigation, and other key production practices to stimulate the formation of fibrous well-branched root systems on all dwarf, semi-dwarf, and full-sized rootstock/variety combinations.


Bud Wood Selection

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During the contract tree production process, TreeLogic uses either dormant or actively growing graft or bud wood for tree propagation.  In some cases, TreeLogic provides quality wood from documented sources for varieties it is licensed to grow.  On other occasions, TreeLogic relies on the customer to supply graft or bud wood for the propagation process associated with their tree order.

Locating, selecting, and properly processing quality graft or bud wood demands extreme attention to detail!

Dormant or Actively Growing

Some trees are dormant grafted during the winter season prior to lining out in the spring and other trees are budded in the nursery row during late summer (August).  The tree type you ordered will determine whether dormant or active wood is to be used.


Customer Preparation

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TreeLogic grows custom trees and plants to order based on your plant requirements.  Likewise, TreeLogic tries to reduce all production costs to maximize your growing contract benefits.  Pre-delivery customer preparation helps reduce production costs and boost tree transplant and performance results.

Pre-delivery customer preparations include:

  • fall fumigation of planting site
  • fall nutrition application and cultivation
  • fall installation of ponds, pumps, and mainlines
  • fall storage acquisition for spring tree delivery
  • fall scheduling of tree delivery transportation
  • allocation of final spring payment funds
  • pre-plant delivery of irrigation supplies
  • pre-schedule labor and equipment

Pre-delivery customer preparation saves you money!


For more information on what you can do to prepare for tree delivery…contact TreeLogic today!


Plant Storage & Care

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Proper tree storage and care protects your tree growing investment.  Nursery trees are young living plants which require responsible storage and care procedures.  All tree care requirements are specific to your tree type, variety, rootstock, digging dates, and storage length.

For better understanding of tree storage and care requirements prior to delivery…contact TreeLogic today!


Terms & Conditions

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TreeLogic is a “contract” technical grower of custom trees and plants.  TreeLogic does not speculate unsold production inventory.  All orders placed by customers and accepted by TreeLogic are governed by contractual terms specific to quantity, type, and tree configuration/s ordered.

Contract Terms

Specific terms addressed in a given growing contract will include:  quantity, size, rootstock, variety, price, royalty, tree type, branch height, bud wood source, custom terms, year of delivery, shipping costs, replacement trees, and warranty information.


Plant Patents

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Most mainstream commercial fruit variety selections are protected by domestic or international plant patent law.  TreeLogic shall not engage in the production of varieties protected by plant patent laws without written authorization prior to propagation.  Customer shall pay all plant patent royalty fees in full at or before time of their tree order delivery.

If you want to discuss plant patent issues…contact TreeLogic today!



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