Consulting / Troubleshooting

Consulting / Troubleshooting Overview

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The act of providing information through experience, research, analysis, and recommendation to those faced with challenges, decisions, or demands needing solution.


The act of encountering, identifying, observing, testing, assessing, diagnosing, and  effectively applying solution to a problem with successful, functional, and lasting results.


That the passion to search, discover, translate, and properly apply knowledge effectively is a rare indeed.  Anyone can look, only some find.  Some may find, only few apply.  Few apply...and only the rare win!


Perspective – Technical Consultant

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We all face challenges and need help to achieve our goals each day.  No one knows it all or has all the answers…it takes teamwork to overcome.  All of us possess unique personality traits, character qualities, technical skills, and life experiences from which we can draw to help others reach their dreams.  Some spend a lifetime in the same community doing their job with great dependability and satisfaction affording stability to those around them.  Others by nature however…dream and live to brave new worlds, settle wild frontiers, build better bridges, and forge technical pathways through the impossible to the achievable for others to one day travel…and enjoy.  It takes all types…

Being a technical consultant to those facing practical or otherwise abstract challenges in life or industry is in itself…challenging!  Yet, my own life journey as a technical pioneer in agriculture, industry, and hands-on application calls me to look harder, dig deeper, reach higher, and jump further in helping others finish and win the race…together.

Kind Regards,
Greg Benner


Worldwide Consulting Services

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VisionLogic provides specialized technical troubleshooting and consulting services…


Soil Nutrition
Plant Nutrition
Plant Performance
Disease Identification
Nursery Production
Rootstock / Varieties
Plant Propagation


General Agriculture
Horticulture: Nurseries, Orchardists
Project Directors


Experience & Motivation

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VisionLogic is motivated by “life experience” proving that:

there will always be people in need…

we all have something to give…

some cannot help themselves…

all people are valuable…

anyone can give up…

an answer exists…


Comprehensive Vision / Detailed Focus

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Comprehensive Vision

Effective project design, management, and completion require keen foresight and “big picture” vision.  To see the finished project reality within one’s mind…in color…before ground is broken only rises from a broad deep foundation of experience and knowledge.
Comprehensive vision is that ability to see the end result assembled and working, while understanding how each piece functions and what it takes to put them together.


Project Scope, Feasibility, & Planning

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Project Scope

How big is your project? What does it do? How much will it cost? Who will it impact?

Project Feasibility

Does it make sense? Can you manage it? How should it operate? Will it make money?

Project Planning

Who will build it? When does it begin? How many phases? Will supplies be on time?


Project Management

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VisionLogic offers partial or complete project management services anywhere in the world.  Owner Greg Benner can spearhead your overall project or assemble a skilled management team to oversee and complete your task.  Likewise, VisionLogic’s level of involvement in your project can be custom-tailored to fit your budget or need for technical input.  Some projects are more hands-on, while others simply need targeted advice and troubleshooting at key junctures.   Project scope, duration, technical difficulty, and geographical location all play a role in determining the level of VisionLogic’s involvement and resulting fees.

Project Types

VisionLogic offers varied levels of project management to agriculture, industry, agencies, organizations, and research for production, troubleshooting, assessment,  construction, installation, procurement, distribution, and more.


Special Assignments

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VisionLogic’s Greg Benner thrives in the most difficult of technical environments imagined.  He lives to restore life to plants others could not make grow, to fix what others could not fix, to discover what others stopped looking for, and to produce exceptional cutting-edge results.  To him, it is a matter of principle to turn a mess into a masterpiece!

If you are considering a project of any type anywhere on earth and need seasoned, broad-spectrum, and visionary help fast…contact VisionLogic today to discuss your needs.


Sustainable Agriculture

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Sustainable Agriculture

An approach to agriculture that realizes, integrates, stewards, and protects the value, potential, vulnerability, and future of people, animals, plants, soil, water, biology, resource, and environment through common sense, social awareness, moral responsibility, and selfless contribution in an ever-changing world.

Behind The Definition

Defining any term in today’s world is difficult to achieve.  Why?  Because true and accurate definition requires the one defining to build his or her definition upon timeless truth, social integrity, and long-established word-by-word definitions attached to those words they choose in defining.  Likewise, proper definition requires that one put all personal agenda aside, subject his or her definition to sound scrutiny, and that their arrived-at definition be in the best interest (what is most healthy, not easiest) of all.  Today, our world is buried in buzz phrases, one-line agendas, deviant bias, and a level of non-realism that destroys the core integrity of most “sound” definitions as personal perspective and exploitive profits reign.  Yet, the concept behind a term like “Sustainable Agriculture” implies what is best for people, animals, plants, resources, and the environment…long term.


Global Networking

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Global Networking is another name for “winning teamwork.”   Meeting today’s large-scale agricultural and industrial demands requires the “team” effort and research of global experts in agriculture, industry, science, business, technology, transportation, and human resource.  No one wins a relay race alone…no one.

VisionLogic offers you a “global knowledge and experience network” it has continued to build and expand for more than 35 years.  In this light…VisionLogic can provide you with seasoned, well-founded, and targeted input on almost any subject or challenge you face.  Please remember…it’s not what we each know that counts.  More accurately, it’s about all the community we live in and team we play on “knows” that can change one’s world.

Are you looking for a quality in-depth solution…fast?  Contact VisionLogic today!


Personnel & Management Training

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Human skill, knowledge, and proficiency ultimately determine a project’s efficiency and success.  The most unique concept, unequaled opportunity, fantastic location, and limitless funding can fail in the hands of those not adequately trained or prepared to handle the task.  Theory is great…mental understanding a plus…and prior experience maybe okay.  Yet, nothing can propel your personnel or management’s well-oiled efficiency like catching the vision, jumping in with a passion, and doing it all because they have been equipped with comprehensive knowledge and practical skill necessary to do the job.

On-Site Training Anywhere On Earth

VisionLogic offers on-site personnel and management training anywhere on earth whether in a developed, third world, or war torn land.  If you have a great team who simply lacks direction or cannot grasp the importance of their personal contribution to your project’s success…contact VisionLogic today to discuss their on-site training to help your team and project win!


Liaison & Public Relations

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You’re behind schedule, vendors are combative, inspectors are yanking your chain, and project funding officers are slated to arrive before you can re-group and get things on track.  Meanwhile, your secretary fumbles the ball on quarterly reports, the job superintendent is distracted while going through divorce, and your cost projections have skyrocketed due to foreign economic sanctions affecting those supplying your much-needed materials.  In the flurry of it all; you find yourself compelled to smile, addicted to Rolaids, sweating as no one looks on, and praying for that elusive miracle amid your lonely quest to deliver on time.  Your mind is racing filled with questions like…How do I  bridge the gaps, salvage my supply schedule, cut costs, settle the unrest, and satisfy the pesky soon-to-arrive financial troublemakers coming to my door?  Answer…contact VisionLogic today!


Professional Witness Services

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VisionLogic provides professional litigation and witness services to individuals, groups, companies, corporations, utilities, water districts, agencies, government, non-profits, non-governmental, and other type entities.  Professional litigation and witness services include:  on-site inspections, fact gathering, comprehensive analysis, source of damage, party responsibility, loss projections, agricultural inputs, warranty claims, attorney conferences, public testimony, and more….anywhere on earth.

If you or your company need prompt, professional, and qualified independent technical  opinion, advice, or analytical work to make your way through disputes, lawsuits, or court cases successfully…feel free to contact VisionLogic today.



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