Biography & Background

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Greg was born and raised a fourth generation farmer surrounded by the orchards in Washington's Pacific Northwest (USA).  As a young boy, Greg was filled with wonder for the things around him.  He enjoyed dirt, was intrigued by machines, loved to watch plants grow, and dreamed beyond the horizon to ponder greater things.  Life's early years kicked off his journey to acquire and refine his unique skills, that would later equip him to serve the needs of others in specialized ways.  As Greg grew older, he grafted his first trees in his grandmother's basement in 1972 for a high school agriculture project and simply never stopped (1972-Current).  Meanwhile; his family's 40 year fruit packing operation provided him ample opportunity to get his hands dirty with packaging equipment, refrigeration, electrical, controlled atmosphere storage, design and fabrication, product quality, marketing, and cash flow all in one whack.

Following his graduation from high school in 1975...Greg farmed with his dad...managed orchards for others...fixed all that broke....launched his heavy diesel repair and fabrication business (1977-1992)...engaged in controlled explosives work (1977-1991)...supplied plant physiology, nutrition, production, irrigation, and mechanical input to agriculture and industry (1977- Present)...and sold nursery stock to orchardists both as a plant producer and sales broker for other companies (1972 - Present).   

On the heels of severe winter damage to his nursery in the 1989-90 winter, Greg broadened his professional pursuits to include ministry work to youth, churches, prisons, and other organizations.  As Greg traveled and spoke in different venues across America, his message challenged people everywhere to become all they could be to affect those whose lives they touch each day.  Early 2001, Greg moved ahead by stepping into his Transamerican walk on Washington State's west coast, making his way toward South Carolina's eastern seaboard, and finally northward to his final destination in front of the White House in Washington, DC on July 4, 2002.  All along the way, Greg's passion to impact the world around him found expression as he met people from different stations in life one step at a time across 16 states and some 3, 800 miles.  

Following the transcontinental journey, Greg resumed his prior focus on agricultural and industrial applications offering technical input to national and international orchardists, nurseries, laboratories, chemical companies, processors, agencies, legal firms, and governmental/non-governmental clients located in the USA, Canada, Germany, England, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and beyond (1977-Present).  Wherever Greg finds his work unfolding...his passion to improve the lives of others continues to find its voice through hands-on investment of his broad-based technical skill and knowledge.

Today; Greg's ongoing professional activities remain engaged in commercial nursery production (1972-Present), technical inputs to global fruit and plant producers (1977-Present), work in automated drip irrigation (1978-Present), fertigation/chemigation, project assessment and management, processing plants, vendor location and negotiations, product acquisition, technical research, global networking, public relations, and commercial sales (1972-Present).  In a nutshell, Greg's life experience, passion to serve, and willingness to travel to all points on earth to invest what has been entrusted to his care...remains the driving force behind what he has to give.  

A Few Thoughts From VisionLogic's Owner - Greg Benner

Life has a way of educating each of us in unique ways as we individually navigate the corridors of personal growth and social impact.  No one life is better or worse than the next...merely different.  Every human journey through time and circumstance simply portrays that person's unique path of decision, experience, skill, opportunity, and potential affect on the world around them.  When human experience, opportunity, and passion collide...a world changer rises with potential to do his or her part for the benefit of others if willing to go...  We all have purpose, power, and opportunity to change the world one decision at a time day-by-day, month-after-month, and year-after-year.  It is for this very purpose and passion, that I exist!  From this moment forward one piercing question remains before us..."what will we do with that precious world-changing metal of human, intellectual, relational, and financial resource that has been deposited in our life account for the purpose of helping others?"  Come on...let's change the world together!

Kind Regards,
Greg Benner
Washington State / USA


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