Agriculture / Agribusiness

Agriculture / Agri-business Overview

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“Agriculture” refers to those hands-on activities which…acquire and apply practical techniques that physically affect or directly move one’s crop, soil, water, supplies, equipment, and labor through production, harvest, and to the dock side of final delivery.

Examples: performing the work of owning, planting, growing, propagating, irrigating, tilling, fertilizing, spraying, selecting, harvesting, pruning, and protecting a crop or plant through its production cycle.


“Agri-business” refers to those activities which assess markets, weigh risks, determine crops, forecast costs, secure resources, acquire land, procure supplies, manage logistics, shoulder responsibilities, negotiate sales, and turn plants into profit in the owner’s hand.

Examples: the acts of owning, planning, producing, managing, funding, supplying, processing, marketing, serving, or consulting for one’s own agricultural activities or others so engaged.

VisionLogic’s Role

VisionLogic operates in that ever-changing professional zone somewhere between Agricultural and Agribusiness activities to walk with you from project concept to quality completion. VisionLogic can either help you map out a plan, jump in at the middle, or cross the finish line with you and your project. VisionLogic’s style of service can be customized to…

  • offer you the level of VisionLogic involvement you need.
  • provide you with short term input on specific issues.
  • work on retainer offering you regular (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) inputs.
  • oversee your project administration and/or completion from beginning-to-end.
  • or…to form any other client /consultant relationship specific to your needs.

Feel free to contact VisionLogic to discuss your project’s specific!


Perspective – Agriculturalist

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Making things grow helps everyone from young to old everywhere on earth. The world’s food supply (strength), textile production (clothing), building industry (shelter), medical capability (health), and human relationship (security) heavily rely on making things grow…productively. “Growth” is critical to agriculture, industry, and mankind’s survival! From corn, to cotton, to trees, to poppies, to friendship…applied skill, careful management, and passionate commitment must meld to win.

Agriculture cannot be “just” a business pursuit one engages in to make money. To thrive…agriculture must become one’s very lifestyle woven with threads of vision, risk, work, skill, faith, and excellence to feed our global masses.


Specialized Troubleshooting

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Unsolved mysteries and perplexing problems exist all around us each day! Whether it’s a withered plant, broken machine, logistical flaw, or supply interruption…problems must be solved to reach our goals. Technical troubleshooting requires vision, understanding, experience, and a “never quit” attitude. One must leave no stone unturned to ask right questions, draw right conclusions, apply right remedies, and deliver right solutions that last. VisionLogic brings more than 35 years of practical hands-on experience to the troubleshooting table to offer you proven troubleshooting and advisory inputs associated with:


Project Scope & Feasibility

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Whether mowing your lawn or moving a mountain…project scope and achievability matters! All things are possible “if” those leading know their destination, do their homework, make good decisions, apply sound methods, and remain committed through to project completion. Yet; not everyone knows what to ask, how to avoid pitfalls, or where to turn for help.

Maybe project funding sits on hold pending your provision of that elusive and professionally-prepared project scope, logistics, and cost overview to your bank. Or, you may be that well-capitalized entrepreneur taking a long-shot beyond your project norm. Possibly, you’re the global-minded philanthropist hoping to train and feed starving third world masses. Or, you may be that unfortunate nail-biting project manager that was just handed a sack of lemons from which your clueless boss expects you to squeeze the most tasty of lemonades.


Costs – Efficiencies – Profitability

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Ultimately…profitability is the by-product of effectively managed costs and efficiencies within a given arena. To achieve maximum profitability, it requires the cooperative efforts of many to accurately identify and chart the best path to profit potential. Fresh perspective and open collaboration between skilled professionals often goes beyond the average to produce extraordinary results. Some people are broad-based generalists, while others are narrowly-focused specialists. Though highly qualified in their individual expressions of expertise, both have their strengths and limitations with regard to management results. Hitting the management cost-efficiencies-profitability mark well…demands focused help from those possessing balanced ability to paint both big picture and…to disassemble, diagnose, and improve the smaller individual parts too.

What To Do?

If your costs are soaring, efficiencies are dragging, and profits are escaping…contact VisionLogic for help today!


Equipment Acquisition

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Buying necessary agricultural and industrial equipment cost-effectively is growing more difficult each day. Corporate mergers, company failures, and product-line standardization spin out-of-control as supply groups minimize buyer options and potential savings.

Both manufacturer and end user alike find themselves caught in the crossfire somewhere between government-guided globalization and local need. As smaller dealerships and suppliers fall to multi-national marketing groups selling direct…dwindling equipment options, price variability, and dealer inventories pose challenges to specialized production.


Factory Direct Purchasing

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Today’s marketplace has changed…forever!  Increased project scale and customer buying volumes complicate equipment and supply distribution networks everywhere.  Trying to hack out market share while confronted by ever-increasing world sales competition…global giants in all industries have breached their own traditional dealer supply lines to sell direct.

VisionLogic has engaged in factory-direct purchasing on behalf of clients for nearly 20 years.  Likewise, VisionLogic offers seasoned experience in application assessment, product identification, vendor location, global networking, contract negotiation, custom specifications, price reduction, warranty terms, transportation, and post sale follow-up.

All projects offer more savings potential, than most buyers realize.  Saving big merely takes the right call to the right person at the right time.


Market Assessment & Expansion

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VisionLogic has been actively engaged in market assessment and sales territory expansion since the late 1970’s.  It has been said…“that successful marketing requires knowing your product, identifying one’s audience, overcoming core objections, delivering promised goods, and standing behind all you say and do.”  Yet, it requires extensive knowledge, practical experience, personal ethics, relational skill, and seeing beyond those tactics all else use to saturate the market you desire…to do those things mentioned above…and win.

Where Do You Go From Here?

If you or your company has experienced economic downturn, are getting ready to unveil a new product, or want to penetrate markets well beyond prior professional and geographical boundaries…

Contact VisionLogic to experience the next level of marketing success!


Land Reclamation & Conservation

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Land Reclamation

Making land capable of more intensive use by changing its general character or condition to include drainage of excessively wet land, irrigation of arid or semiarid land, recovery of submerged land, purifying polluted land, or restoration of nutritionally depleted land.  Land reclamation is that practice of restoring land to or beyond its original state and productivity.

Preserving the future production potential of land requires historical knowledge and wise decision-making.  Knowing soil composition, understanding nutrition, encouraging micro life, and applying balanced land use techniques all play a key role in conserving land for generations to come.


Negotiations & Implementation

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VisionLogic offers skilled contract, vendor, client, dispute, acquisition, production, and business negotiation services to those in need of such help.  Upon negotiation completion; VisionLogic stands qualified and ready to implement all terms, logistics, and requirements as agreed upon by all parties participating in the negotiation process.

VisionLogic offers partial to overall project management services.


Professional Witness Services

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Do you need outside objective professional analysis, input, or testimony for transaction negotiations, dispute resolution, or litigation?

Based on more than 35 years of professional agricultural and industrial experience with proven results…

VisionLogic offers both on-site or remote professional analytical and witness services to…

  • ochardists
  • nurseries
  • processors
  • formulators
  • suppliers
  • manufacturers
  • vendors
  • installers
  • contractors
  • attorneys
  • agencies
  • organizations
  • and more!


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