About Overview

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The "VisionLogic" company name openly declares my core cutting-edge approach to technical troubleshooting and effective problem-solving.  To be a valued consultant...one must encounter and assess problems through "abstract" eyes able to see beyond the traditional fix (vision) to apply unique solutions in practical ways.

Likewise, the extreme troubleshooter must meet problems face-to-face to observe their operation, establish their origin, project their destination, and accurately apply (logic) their best solution.  For more than 35 years...I have engaged life, profession, and service to others head-on in my pursuit of in-depth knowledge, technical skill, real integrity, relational responsibility, and lasting excellence for those I serve.

Now that you have made it this far...I invite you to dig deeper into all I have to offer for your success.  Thanks for your time and consideration!  

Kind Regards,

Greg Benner
Washington State / USA


Biography & Background

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Greg was born and raised a fourth generation farmer surrounded by the orchards in Washington's Pacific Northwest (USA).  As a young boy, Greg was filled with wonder for the things around him.  He enjoyed dirt, was intrigued by machines, loved to watch plants grow, and dreamed beyond the horizon to ponder greater things.  Life's early years kicked off his journey to acquire and refine his unique skills, that would later equip him to serve the needs of others in specialized ways.  As Greg grew older, he grafted his first trees in his grandmother's basement in 1972 for a high school agriculture project and simply never stopped (1972-Current).  Meanwhile; his family's 40 year fruit packing operation provided him ample opportunity to get his hands dirty with packaging equipment, refrigeration, electrical, controlled atmosphere storage, design and fabrication, product quality, marketing, and cash flow all in one whack.

Mission Statement

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To go beyond the box...to dream outside the lines...to stand through the battle...to rest in the storm...and to see past the impossible as I steward my life skills and resources with purpose for the welfare of those I am privileged to meet, know, and serve...

Skills & Qualifications

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Greg acquired the following skills and qualifications while growing up on his family's orchard, involved in his family's 40 year fruit packing plant, operation of several commercial companies.  While managing his companies, Greg performed consulting services to the agricultural and industrial arena, extensive technical study and research, national and international travel, public speaking, rubbing elbows with key experts.

Greg has more than 35 years of hands-on experience to comprise the areas of expertise below:   


Client Confidentiality

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Mum's the word... Due to the advanced technical and proprietary nature of my work for others...client identity and confidentiality are mandatory.

My services are contracted by orchardists, nurseries, chemical firms, irrigation companies, processors, research communities, governmental agencies, insurance companies, legal firms, and other organizations.  Most of my consulting activities operate within contractual, confidentiality, patent, and other legal agreements affording protection of my client's confidential information.

My operational structure prohibits me from disclosing the identity, location, and/or nature of work I have been engaged to perform.  Thanks for your understanding!


Locations Serviced

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VisionLogic's Greg Benner travels to all accessible areas of the world on project assignments.  Whether it be wealthy, third world, or war torn...Greg finds unique challenge and personal satisfaction in helping clients achieve their goals wherever the project leads.  To assure his assignment completion, highest professional performance, cost effectiveness, and physical welfare...Greg has established essential terms and conditions that must be met by potential clients prior to his acceptance of any project or contract.  These requirements are:

Danger/War Zones

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Life experience has well-equipped me to offer my diverse technical skills and services to those in need.  Many contacting me for help often reside within what I term domestic (USA) or international "danger / war zones."  These zones may include...but, are not limited too...areas impacted by natural disasters, disease outbreaks, martial law, geo-political instability, war activates, and/or other demanding third world conditions potentially harmful to my personal and professional welfare.

I have a passion to help others succeed and find great joy in watching those I help become self-sustaining once again.  In my effort to remain in a position to offer my ongoing help to others...my fee, transportation, travel, security, and other terms may change or increase relative to your project's location, logistical demands, geo-political stability, and threat to my personal or professional welfare.  I look forward to working with you!


Fee structure

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Greg's fee schedule and contract terms are calculated on a case-by-case job description, duration, destination, and danger basis.


Associations & Memberships

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