Today's project challenges demand extreme technical effort to conquer.  Overcoming such demands requires true problem solvers be creative and tenacious in their pursuit of solution.  Greg's technical skill, knowledge, and foresight flow from his more than 35 years of hands-on experience, strong attention to detail, and determination to deliver!    Questions?  Contact Greg now!

VisionLogic's Greg Benner has spent more than three decades honing and applying his unique skills!  His journey to excellence continues through hands-on involvement with plants, nutrition, soils, micro irrigation, automation, tree fruits, chemicals, mechanical applications, processors, project management, vendor acquisition, global networking, procurement, refrigeration, electrical, construction, sales, and trouble-shooting.
Everyone sees life through different eyes...  Reaching one's destination requires that they know where they are, where they are going, and how to chart a course in their journey there.  Looking beyond to see what others cannot see, snatching the non-existent from one's mental mist, and painting its color portrait with words for others to "visionary."  Greg's vision goes beyond to produce what others thought impossible! 
One's potential is only as great as his or her experience, vision, passion, and resource allow.  History's great philosophers have marveled at and championed the value of teamwork for centuries.    VisionLogic's technical foundation is rooted in Greg's lifelong experience, vision, and global network of seasoned professionals and archived research.
Anyone can quit half way, blow off a deadline, or just get by...  Yet, professional excellence "is" attention to detail based on a personal choice to do one's best at all times.  True professional excellence is founded upon respect, honesty, dedication, service, dependability, and one's ongoing growth in relational, intellectual, and technical skills.  Real success can only occur through one's dedication to meeting the needs of others! 
Due to the advanced technical and proprietary nature of my client work...confidentiality is critical!   My services are contracted by private, agricultural, industrial, chemical, legal, social, governmental, and non-governmental entities.   My activities operate within the confines of contractual, confidentiality, patent, and/or other binding agreements in most cases.  Therefore, my business structure prohibits my disclosure of client identity, location, and/or nature of work I have been engaged to perform without authorization. 

Visual Logic

  • Do you face unexpected challenges?
  • Do you have plants that won't grow?
  • Do you need what you cannot find?
  • Has your door to information closed?
  • Have you collided with impossibilities?
  • Is your project now threatened by delay?
  • Do others promise what they cannot deliver?
  • Are you looking for service, integrity, ingenuity, excellence, and beyond-the-box results?

VisionLogic offers remote or on-site technical consulting services with specialized troubleshooting in plant production, physiology, nutrition, soils, tree fruit, chemicals, automated irrigation, vendor acquisition, procurement, processing, mechanical applications, project assessment, sales, and personnel training...anywhere on earth!

For help, contact VisionLogic's Greg Benner who has been doing the impossible for more than 35 years to provide lasting technical solutions to those in need.




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